Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update on the days of our lives!

So we are currently potty training Kenidi & Kiyah. I had 4 days off work & we just stayed home & they wore nothing but their panties. I put the potty in the front room, the first day we had quite a few accidents. I didnt think it would ever work. Then slowly but surely they got the hang of it! They both have only pooped in their pants once! And now on day 5 of potty training they are using the potty without me hounding them every few minutes! I am so proud of them! I am glad I waited until they were 2 & 1/2 to even attempt it!
My children have also found their new favorite show called "The Wonder Pets" I know every song by heart & they could watch it for hours if I let them! It is a pretty cute show, but I could go crazy from watching it so many times! When we went to Lake Powell all my in laws had to endure the show for 5 days! We were all singing it the whole time!
My cousin Dustan had his baby girl on August 31st! Her name is Paige-Lynn Casey Curtis, she is beautiful! I put a pic up of him & his little girl!
I posted some pics of the girls in their big girl panties & riding their bikes! They are side ways, from my Iphone & cant figure out how to flip them! I will have to get some of Lake powell up soon!