Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Blog!

So I have started a new blog let me know if you want an invite!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All because of a little gas!

I took my dog Kozmo (aka Koz-ee-mo) into the vet to get groomed & also get checked up because he has had the most rancid gas ever! So I dropped him off Tuesday morning, expecting to go pick him up at 1:30pm. I get a call at 10am & miss it. So I call back, thinking he is done early. They say they need to discuss a few things with me, but will have to have the tech call me back, and it will be about 10 minutes conversation. Now I am scared. I may not express how much I love my dogs & a lot has changed since having my kids. But they were my first babies & I wouldn't want anything bad to happen! So I wait anxiously for the call. And finally get it about ten minutes later. They said that he has a lump on his prostate & its larger than it should be, he has a cist on his eye that needs to be removed & he has bad teeth. They suggested he be neutered immediately  & have the cist removed at the same time. After 2 weeks we will have to have his prostate reexamined & if it hasn't gone back to normal he will need an ultrasound, then most likely have it removed & some chemo therapy. Eek. Lets hope getting him neutered will fix the problem! But I am glad his gas got so bad, or else I never would have thought to take him in!
Isn't he just so ugly he is cute? Also he is obese & has to take a few pounds off! He weighs 36 pounds & at top weight shouldn't weigh more than 25! Our female Bostons weigh 12 lbs. & 20 lbs. He is huge to say the least. So no more puppies for Mr.Kozmo! And we get to pick him up Thursday morning. Hope it all turns out well! I know he is "just a dog", but he is my dog!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life as of now!

Well not a whole lot has been going on. Just work , cleaning house, paying bills, and taking care of the two cutest 3 year olds ever! I can't believe how much Kenidi & Kiyah are children now. They talk back, argue, correct me, sing, play house & barbies & adsorb everything we say & do like a sponge! And of course, I think, they are the smartest 3 year olds I have ever met! (But I am sure most people think the same about their kids!) I recently looked into putting them into a dance class, It would be once a week for an hour. I really think they would love it. And we also have been thinking about pre school. So many decisions! It use to be that all the decisions I had to make was which diapers to put them in & which formula to buy. Now that they are not babies anymore I guess there are so many things they can do!
     Right now the girls are so into the movie Monsters Inc & all the Shrek movies. We recently took them to see the new Shrek movie & they did sooo good in the theater. I was shocked to say the least. They also got some new big girl bikes & Brandon attached some car seats to them so they could take their babies for a ride! So cute & sweet. 

    As for me, I have lost 10+ pounds, which isn't a lot when I still have 30 more to go!  It is a start though. I just wish I had the energy to work out more, the motivation to turn down all the tasty food, and the talent to cook the healthy food! But I am SO baby hungry. Its all I think about. My original goal was to get down below my pre twins weight, and then try again. With my Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) the more weight I loose the better my ovaries will work. Also my blood sugar & insulin levels will be normal! And I wouldn't have to take glucophage, which gives me horrible intestinal issues.  But the main problem is that with PCOS it is super super hard to loose weight & super super easy to gain it. It is so unfair! Hopefully I will be able to at least get 15 more pounds off and then we will start trying again. 
   On a more positive note. Angie & I took all the kids to Antelope Island & got a few cute pictures! I thought I would end this post with those!
                              Here is a rare picture of me & the girls!  And the rest are of Angie, Me & all the kids!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

San Fran action!

Well I am back from San Francisco! I had so much fun. But I was so happy to come home and hug my girls! I have so much I could talk about, but this post would go on forever! So I thought I would just share a few photos & stories (which fyi will still be pretty long! But I could go on & on & on ect..)

Here I am at the Golden Gate Bridge! The whole time I was there all I could think about was the documentary The Bridge and in particular a young man from it named Gene. The documentary is about people taking their lives by jumping from the bridge. So the bridge had a different feeling for me then it probably should have. I couldnt stop thinking about it! I should have waited to watch that until I got home!

 Here I am at Alcatraz in a cell.  Its kind of a dark picture but its one of the better ones. I had this habit of trying to look like a tough inmate every time I got my pic taken! We had a really good time here, although I didnt feel like it was to haunted & we even took the night tour!
Here is My Mom, Sisters & Me at the "ocean". I was told several times by local people it didnt count because it is technically a Bay. But whatever I still think it counts!!!! But I did go see the "real" pcean the next day in Monterery Bay. And I made a complete idiot of my self & ran into the ocean waste deep. Yeah I am a smart one. BUT my sisters offered to buy me dinner if I would, so I did. Then they ended up having to buy me new pants since we were 2 hours from our hotel & had to go out to dinner! haha

We also went to Muir woods. I was surprised the trees werent wider but I guess red woods are known for their height! We had a good time though.
We went on a bus tour of all the big spots in San Fran, one of the best was the "7 sisters" aka "painted ladies"
Its where the Full House show was based & the opening credits was filmed so we took an awesome pic of us reenacting the picnic theme & we sang the theme song for the whole tour group!
Our all time favorite part of San Fran is a little island over the Golden Gate called Sausalito. It just had all kinds of cool fun shops & we just loved walking all over that place! Here is a pic of the whole group in front of the fountain there!
One of are all time favorite movies is called Heart and Souls.We grew up watching it as a family. If anyone hasnt seen it you need to! Any who it was based in San Francisco & starred Robert Downy Jr. One of the main spots that the movie is based in is this green house sort of place (we always call it The butterfly conservatory even though thats not what it is) but we found it, its in Golden Gate Park! We just hung out there & listened to some people play bongos & drums. It was great!
Well I could keep going on but I will end it here for now! I am sure that I will blog some more in the future about it. I am just so happy to be home with my family again. BUT I am NOT so happy about work starting again on Tuesday. Oh well. Thats life right? Oh, I almost forgot. We took a bunch of mock engagement photos while we were there, but they are all on Angies camera so I will have to for sure share a blog of those. They are hilarious!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Almost here!

I have less than 24 hours (21 to be exact) until we leave for San Fran! I am so excited. I am going to miss my girls like crazy!!!!! But I will call and talk to them EVERYDAY! Expect a post with lots of pics in a week!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This was the best Easter so far with my girls. Previous years they've been to young to fully understand. But this year they were so excited! The "Easter bunny" hid their baskets & plastic eggs filled with candy. So when they woke up they ran all over the house gathering up the eggs. Then they found their baskets & sat on the couch & dissected every bit of it!
   After that they got all dressed up in their Easter gear & got their hair straightened. I am so jealous of Kenidi & Kiyahs hair, it is the perfect color with natural highlights & it is so shiny & beautiful. I wish I could have it on my head! Anyway, we drove out to Antelope Island to take some pictures. We drove all over trying to find the tall yellow grass from Rich & Michelles engagments( I think they look like wheat, but I have no clue what they really are)  Here is a pic below of what I was looking for-
The first beach we found, Brandon said we should drive down because it looked like what I was talking about & I of course objected. So we drove around for another 30 minutes & went back to that first beach & it was perfect! Guess I should have listened :) Now since I never seem to have any extra money to pay for a photographer, we just borrowed Angies nice camera,  paid the $9 daily fee to get in & took our own pics. I think they turned out pretty cute being that I am NOT a pro! Here are a few of my favorite.

I couldnt believe how well the cooperated considering the last time I tried this it did NOT go well!! This weekend we are going to go out & take pictures of my nephews at Antelope Island & maybe a few more of the girls :)

P.s. One week until San Fran!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm growing up !

I am growing up in more than 1 way! I let my girls go to the sand dunes without me this last weekend! This is a HUGE step for me. I was so so so stressed when they first left, I was crying & felt sick. But then once I heard they were there safely I was much better! And I knew they were in good hands.
    The other way I am growing up is I turned 24 last Saturday! Which really isnt a big deal, but I had a great bday! I went & got my hair CHOPPED off, literally. Its super short but its nice to have something new. Here is a pic, sorry its bad quality & I am not photogenic so this is me trying!

After the hair appointment I went shopping shopping & shopping with my mom & sister Angie. Which I never do so it was super fun. I also sold BOTH the remaining puppies to this awesome couple. I am so happy they will get to go to the same home! The only downer is I have to keep them for 2 more weeks. The bad thing about that is Kenidi & Kiyah do not know what no means when it comes to the puppies. It gives me a headache how many times & can say no, and put them in time out & yell & they still wont stop touching them!!! This is going to be a looong 2 weeks!
    To end my birthday Angie, Chas & I went to dinner & a movie. We actually walked into Red Robin , & walked out because we wanted to go to Roosters to harass my brother Wes(he works there). I think we were successful! And the movie we saw was Hot Tub Time Machine. It was pretty funny if you are into crude inappropriate humor like us!
    Hopefully my next post will be some super cute pictures me & Angie are going to take of all the kids at the union station for easter! 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life goes on..

 So the puppies are officially on their way out the door! They got shots & dewormed today & are 6 weeks old. "Jasper" was the first to go. His new owners were here by 330 to pick him up! Now only 2 left! We have one lady interested in little "Alice" & we still have "Jacob". I think the girls are going to take this a little harder than they did with  "Nessie" from the first litter since they were a little younger. When they woke up from their nap they were so confused, asking where Jasper went.
   Here he is cuddling with his siblings for the last time! Sure going to miss this little stinker!
And here he is ready to go to his new home, confused as to what is going on! (sorry my thumb is in the pic!) Luckily he is going to a great family who promises to send pics!
Really wish we could keep them all! But they are to stinky & messy! PLUS selling them means I can pay for my San Fran trip next month! Cannot wait! Also my birthday is this weekend & get to go get new clothes for the trip! I NEVER buy new clothes so this is a treat for me! And I am chopping my hair which doesn't happen often either! So I have an exciting month ahead.
     Onto another subject.. this weekend my in laws are going camping at the sand dunes & riding 4 wheelers. I have heard nothing but horror stories about the sand dunes. And Brandon wants to take the girls up there on Saturday until Sunday without me! I am SUCH a worrier I don't think I will be able to handle it, but I don't want to miss out on my Saturday birthday plans either.. Any advice? He promises they wont get on a 4 wheeler & will be in the camp ground with his mom.. but I am so nervous about this! I am even scared about them driving so far without me! Ah! I need to learn to relax but I cannot!

   Any who! To end this post I wanted to include a pic of my little hoodlums holding all 3 of the puppies!   

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well..  I have fallen off the band wagon the last few days. I haven't been watching what I'm eating & I had a little bit of DP.. Also I bought fast food! Ugh! I have had a horrible week between my messy house, down mood & work, so I used all of that as an excuse! Dangit. Well i figured I would "blog" about what I do wrong so maybe, just maybe I will have some more self control! I really need to find out where to buy that.. Or how to get it & keep it! I am SO ready to get healthy but cannot find the energy or time. My Dr said it would take 6 weeks of healthy eating & working out to really feel a difference. The sooner I start the sooner I will feel better. If anyone has any advice I would love it! And sorry that I have been talking alot about this diet thing. I need to start talking more about these wild little 3 year old girls that I love so much! Here is a pic just for fun. Them just being them selves! They dont even have their hair done :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Zoo, Up & grilled cheese!

I thought I had to work today & was all mentally prepared. So I checked my schedule last night & discovered I didn't have to work! I was so excited. Chet my cousin texted me shortly after that & asked if me & the girls wanted to go with her & her little boy Karsyn to the zoo. Of course we wanted to. I haven't took the girls to the zoo in quite a while. And they did so good. They ate lunch & we saw all the cool animals. We even got to see the penguins, it has been years since I have seen them! Every time I'm there they are never out. We also saw the tigers which I haven't seen for years either! The kids LOVED the giraffes the very most. We spent a long time in there. They also loved the baby elephant Zuri, but Kiyah thought it was going to be an elephant she could hold in her hand so she was slightly disappointed there wasn't a teeny tiny elephant!  After that all the kids rode the carousel & lastly they played on the playground. I always forget that when going to the zoo it is going to be a work out. I pulled that wagon all over the place!
After the zoo we dropped Chet & Karsyn off and headed to the red box! After watching the oscars last night all I wanted to do was watch the movie Up. So we brought it home then me & my girls cuddled up on the couch & watched the entire show! The girls didn't whine or get up & play, this is rare. We all loved it. It was so cute & sweet!  This old man was adorable!

And to top our wonderful day together we ate one our favorite meals- grilled cheese, tomato soup & saltine crackers (crushed into the soup of course!) The only thing that would have made this day better is if Brandon wasn't at work & could have enjoyed it with us!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I remember when I was a teenager I could go to sleep anytime of the night & I was always up by 8. No matter how hard I tried you would never catch me being able to nap during the day. Now, I feel like if I don't get a daily nap in then I can't function. I am always so tired. Not sure what has caused it. When the girls were born I was SO tired but still wouldn't be able to sleep during the day. I don't feel like I am that old, I am only 23(almost 24) I don't take any medicines that should make me tired. And sometimes I blame it on my job, but I recall at my previous job I would fall asleep at my desk no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. I would spend my 15 minute breaks snoozing. And at my current job we travel quite a bit so I almost always can get a little cat nap in during the van ride. So, my conclusion is that maybe if I was more in shape & exercised I would regain some of my old energy? The only problem with this is that I have to find the energy to get started! This nice weather really has been a great motivation but I have worked everyday its been nice, and before or after work all I want to do is rest. So I am hoping for a beautiful weekend to start my daily run! But, if it isn't as beautiful as I want it to be I do have a gym membership, which I am ashamed to admit. Because I have been paying for a gym membership for over a year & probably only been to the gym a dozen times! But I AM going to change that!!  I am proud to say I haven't had one D.P.(Dr. Pepper) all week! And I haven't purchased fast food! This is a big accomplishment since at my job we ALWAYS stop for food! Hopefully blogging about this change in my life will help me stick to it! So I am going to continue to say no to my favorite drink in the world!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Kiyah & Kenidi are 3! I cannot believe it. I think it is way harder watching my kids get a year older than watching my own age get older. I am so happy & sad at the same time. This summer my babies will start a dance class, and in the fall they will be in pre school.  Big girls! Well Kiyah & Kenidi I love you SO much! Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Future plans!

     I have been having a really rough week. My babies aren't babies anymore & I have never been so baby hungry.  As some of you may know I have had some fertility issues. I got twins naturally & now cant get pregnant again! I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, so basically I dont make eggs & my hormones are all out of whack. Also it makes it super hard to loose weight, but super easy to gain it.
      The first round of fertility treatment I did was about a year ago & I got pregnant first try. But then very early in I had a miscarriage. Which was still really hard for me. I wanted it so bad & even though I only knew I was pregnant for a few weeks it was really awful to have that ripped away. In the end it was a blessing since I had to have some gall stones removed that were blocking my liver duct, then have my gall bladder removed.
    We tried probably 6 more rounds of the fertility drug clomid & had no luck. It is so emotionally exhausting & stressful we stopped. I just wish so badly I could be one of those women who can just get pregnant so easily. And I know i am not. And I know that if i can never have another baby it will hurt for a while but in the end I will still have the best little girls in the world. But I am hoping that if I can lose some of this dang weight it will help me get pregnant. So my goal, the next 3 or 4 months loose 20 pounds. Maybe one day, if I work really really hard I will be back to this pre baby pre polycistic skinnier girl!! I can dream right?

    Now onto a more upbeat subject! I am going on my first official vacation since I was a little girl!! Now I have been camping alot & to lake powell. But in April I am going on a girls trip to San Francisco!
 My mom, both my sisters, My Grandma & My Aunt Carol. No kids, No husbands, just us! We have so many things we are going to do there & it is just going to be so fun! I feel like a little kid waiting for  Christmas to be here! I cannot wait.
Daisypath Vacation tickers

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My babies aren't babies anymore!

Well it has been almost 3 years since I had my girls & I cannot believe it! They have been the best thing to ever happen to me. I feel so blessed to have been given these twin girls & if I can never have another baby it would be ok because they are MORE than enough! 
They are the most imaginative energetic little brats you have ever met! Every day I am amazed by the things they say & do. 
3 years ago today I was a hugely pregnant lady laying on her left side on a recliner with restless legs & heartburn praying that Dr. J would agree to take them out on March 3rd instead of the 5th! And my prayers were answered! (thanks to high blood pressure)

Here are some pics from the last 3 years of my life with Kenidi & Kiyah!

These are the 2 little creatures that gave me all the discomfort!

So teeny tiny!

First days home
2 months old

3 months old!

Crazy babies! (about 5 months old)
Blessing day!

Some of the first pigtails 10 months old

1 year old!
18 months

haha attempt at 2 year pics ( did get a good of each of them alone!)
And here they are now! Doing what they do best :)
Taking after their mom!

Wedding action!

My little sister Michelle got to married Rich Villalobos on Feb 6th 2010! It was an amazing wedding. We have been waiting for some wedding action for a long time!  Here are a few pics of the day!

My girls looked so innocent & sweet but they were crazies! 

These are 2 of favorite pics of Michelle & Rich