Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall into Winter!

We have had a fun few weeks! I took Kiyah & Kenidi to the park to get some pictures before it starts to snow & covers up all the fall leaves. They did so much better than I expected & I think that the pics turned out pretty cute too :)
    For Halloween me & my sister Angie made the girls some tutus. One was a angel & had a shirt that said "I am the good twin". And the other was a devil & had a shirt that said "I am the evil twin". They looked so adorable & when I took them trunk or treating on Friday night everyone said I had to switch them the next day so they wouldnt get a complex. Which made me laugh because that is what my Mother told me when I first told her about the costumes! So I did end up switching them.
    We went trick or treating in my sisters neighborhood first, the girls were slow pokes! But I think they had a good time. Angies kids were dressed up as Woverine(Topher), A construction worker (Chase) & Optimus Prime(Nick). They looked really awesome!

     We then went to my moms for a appetizer night & went to a few houses in our neighbor hood. By this point me & the girls were pretty pooped out! But we still had to go to Brandons grandmas house for his grandpas birthday cake. Brandon met us there because he had to work.

     All in all it was a pretty good Halloween even though I was kind of a grump the whole night!