Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life as of now!

Well not a whole lot has been going on. Just work , cleaning house, paying bills, and taking care of the two cutest 3 year olds ever! I can't believe how much Kenidi & Kiyah are children now. They talk back, argue, correct me, sing, play house & barbies & adsorb everything we say & do like a sponge! And of course, I think, they are the smartest 3 year olds I have ever met! (But I am sure most people think the same about their kids!) I recently looked into putting them into a dance class, It would be once a week for an hour. I really think they would love it. And we also have been thinking about pre school. So many decisions! It use to be that all the decisions I had to make was which diapers to put them in & which formula to buy. Now that they are not babies anymore I guess there are so many things they can do!
     Right now the girls are so into the movie Monsters Inc & all the Shrek movies. We recently took them to see the new Shrek movie & they did sooo good in the theater. I was shocked to say the least. They also got some new big girl bikes & Brandon attached some car seats to them so they could take their babies for a ride! So cute & sweet. 

    As for me, I have lost 10+ pounds, which isn't a lot when I still have 30 more to go!  It is a start though. I just wish I had the energy to work out more, the motivation to turn down all the tasty food, and the talent to cook the healthy food! But I am SO baby hungry. Its all I think about. My original goal was to get down below my pre twins weight, and then try again. With my Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) the more weight I loose the better my ovaries will work. Also my blood sugar & insulin levels will be normal! And I wouldn't have to take glucophage, which gives me horrible intestinal issues.  But the main problem is that with PCOS it is super super hard to loose weight & super super easy to gain it. It is so unfair! Hopefully I will be able to at least get 15 more pounds off and then we will start trying again. 
   On a more positive note. Angie & I took all the kids to Antelope Island & got a few cute pictures! I thought I would end this post with those!
                              Here is a rare picture of me & the girls!  And the rest are of Angie, Me & all the kids!