Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here comes the Bride!

My younger sister Michelle is going to be getting married on Febuary 6th. She is marrying Rich, they met over a year ago at Wal Mart in the parking lot! Then he purposed to her last Thanksgiving. We are all so excited. She is going to be having a valetines wedding with red & pink. But it will not be cheesy, just classy :)This week she got her bridals done & was so pretty. They were at the State Capitol building. I was amazed how pretty the place actually was. It was Me, My Mom, my sister Angie, Cousin Mindy, Cousin Jessica & Friend Chas oh & of course Michelle. There were some young male tourists I think from out of country, but they were trying to snap some pictures of Michelle & we kept telling them no but they wouldnt stop trying! It was pretty entertaining. I wish I could post pics or descriptions of the bridals but I dont want her fiance Rich to see or read about it! So i just put a picture they got done this year. Well that is it for now!

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