Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wicked awesome boutique?

Me & my sisters really want to start a little hobby business. We want to make tutu's & bows & flowers & whatever else. It all started when I wanted to try to make tutus for Kenidi & Kiyahs halloween costume. We went & bought the tull & they actually turned out really cute. We were pleasantly surprised. Kenidis  is hot pink & white(she is an angel), Kiyahs is red & black (she is a devil) We even made one for my cousins baby Paige & it had a matching bow. We cannot decide what to name this "company" though. I like wicked awesome boutique, but Angie thinks we will attract witchs or something lol. So we are now considering something with Attimay(our moms nickname) or something with Penelope(my moms dog haha) I only have a picture of Paige in her tutu & bow. I will have to get some up of my girls. Oh & also, my mom is really great at making pens & boxes & all kinds of  stuff out of bakable clay, those will also be part of our "company" :)

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