Sunday, April 4, 2010


This was the best Easter so far with my girls. Previous years they've been to young to fully understand. But this year they were so excited! The "Easter bunny" hid their baskets & plastic eggs filled with candy. So when they woke up they ran all over the house gathering up the eggs. Then they found their baskets & sat on the couch & dissected every bit of it!
   After that they got all dressed up in their Easter gear & got their hair straightened. I am so jealous of Kenidi & Kiyahs hair, it is the perfect color with natural highlights & it is so shiny & beautiful. I wish I could have it on my head! Anyway, we drove out to Antelope Island to take some pictures. We drove all over trying to find the tall yellow grass from Rich & Michelles engagments( I think they look like wheat, but I have no clue what they really are)  Here is a pic below of what I was looking for-
The first beach we found, Brandon said we should drive down because it looked like what I was talking about & I of course objected. So we drove around for another 30 minutes & went back to that first beach & it was perfect! Guess I should have listened :) Now since I never seem to have any extra money to pay for a photographer, we just borrowed Angies nice camera,  paid the $9 daily fee to get in & took our own pics. I think they turned out pretty cute being that I am NOT a pro! Here are a few of my favorite.

I couldnt believe how well the cooperated considering the last time I tried this it did NOT go well!! This weekend we are going to go out & take pictures of my nephews at Antelope Island & maybe a few more of the girls :)

P.s. One week until San Fran!!!!!!!!!!!

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