Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm growing up !

I am growing up in more than 1 way! I let my girls go to the sand dunes without me this last weekend! This is a HUGE step for me. I was so so so stressed when they first left, I was crying & felt sick. But then once I heard they were there safely I was much better! And I knew they were in good hands.
    The other way I am growing up is I turned 24 last Saturday! Which really isnt a big deal, but I had a great bday! I went & got my hair CHOPPED off, literally. Its super short but its nice to have something new. Here is a pic, sorry its bad quality & I am not photogenic so this is me trying!

After the hair appointment I went shopping shopping & shopping with my mom & sister Angie. Which I never do so it was super fun. I also sold BOTH the remaining puppies to this awesome couple. I am so happy they will get to go to the same home! The only downer is I have to keep them for 2 more weeks. The bad thing about that is Kenidi & Kiyah do not know what no means when it comes to the puppies. It gives me a headache how many times & can say no, and put them in time out & yell & they still wont stop touching them!!! This is going to be a looong 2 weeks!
    To end my birthday Angie, Chas & I went to dinner & a movie. We actually walked into Red Robin , & walked out because we wanted to go to Roosters to harass my brother Wes(he works there). I think we were successful! And the movie we saw was Hot Tub Time Machine. It was pretty funny if you are into crude inappropriate humor like us!
    Hopefully my next post will be some super cute pictures me & Angie are going to take of all the kids at the union station for easter! 


  1. Your header on your blog turned out way cute! So did your hair, what I fun b-day, that's what I need!

  2. Thanks! It is not as cute as your header! But I had to give up a little & do what I could :) And thanks about my hair!