Sunday, May 3, 2009

3 Amiga's

Me & my sisters recently went & got some matching tattoos. It sounds dorky but they are awesome like us :) They are suppose to be the Chinese symbol that stands for "sisters". But since we left the original one we printed off at Angie's, Michelle printed off a new one at our parents house but it was different from the one we first saw. So who knows what it stands for? Any way it was Angie's first tattoo & she did way better than me & I already have a few. Michelle did good too. I guess I am just a wimp or I have way tougher skin so it hurts more? ;)


  1. I think it says mothers and daughter. LOL It says sisters!

  2. I asked my co-worker who is Chinese to confirm. It is correct and means Sisters.


  3. Just so you can see for yourself, you can do a search for "sisters" at
    Teh resulting characters are and (meaning elder sister and younger sister respectively and sisters when put next to each other). The character you have is (meaing elder sister or maidservent). The meaning as a set is undefined in the dictionary, but likely the same.