Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bonnie Jean Guymon

May 6th my cousin Bonnie Jean passed away. She was 36 years old & touched so many people in her life. Bonnie was so unique, before she turned one year old she was diagnosed with Rhett's syndrome & lost most of her motor function. Her family was told she wouldnt live past 20, but obviously she did! She was such a strong person & endured alot during her short life! And even though she couldn't express her self with words, she could talk with her eyes. Especially with my grandma Nancy. She saw Bonnie jean almost everyday for the last 25 years, Bonnie lit up when my grandma was in the room.
We know know Bonnie is in a better place & we will see her again one day :) We love & miss you Bonnie Jean!

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