Saturday, May 2, 2009


Our beautiful crazy little girls were born on March 3, 2007. I do not think we knew what it meant to have a baby, let alone twins! I always loved kids growing up & couldn't wait for my own. But the first year was a roller coaster of ups & downs. It was the best & worst year. But it was all worth it.

Kiyah is now a stubborn little 2 year old! She knows what she wants, & she knows how to get it! But she is so sweet too. She loves to use her imagination to play with her toys. Everything is hers :)She loves her "big" sister even though they fight over anything & everything! She has the cutest little language. She talks so good but has a few of her own words. Like when she says Kenidi , its more of a grunt! Even though she can say Kenidi if you tell her to, she just came up with her own name for her sister.

Kenidi is so different from Kiyah. She is our little talker, never stops! She can say full sentences so clearly. She is also very mischevious :) She will run & hide in the other room with something she knows she shouldnt play with. And if you tell her to do something, she won't do it just to make you chase her so she can giggle! But she is also so sweet. She shares everything with her sister, & knows how to take turns. She is always worried about Kiyah, wants to make sure she gets a turn or has a toy.

We are so lucky to have these little girls! And look forward to watching them grow up.


  1. Lisa I love how u dress your girls they are adorable!!!

  2. My grand daughters are both chatter boxes! They are adorable.