Monday, March 22, 2010

Life goes on..

 So the puppies are officially on their way out the door! They got shots & dewormed today & are 6 weeks old. "Jasper" was the first to go. His new owners were here by 330 to pick him up! Now only 2 left! We have one lady interested in little "Alice" & we still have "Jacob". I think the girls are going to take this a little harder than they did with  "Nessie" from the first litter since they were a little younger. When they woke up from their nap they were so confused, asking where Jasper went.
   Here he is cuddling with his siblings for the last time! Sure going to miss this little stinker!
And here he is ready to go to his new home, confused as to what is going on! (sorry my thumb is in the pic!) Luckily he is going to a great family who promises to send pics!
Really wish we could keep them all! But they are to stinky & messy! PLUS selling them means I can pay for my San Fran trip next month! Cannot wait! Also my birthday is this weekend & get to go get new clothes for the trip! I NEVER buy new clothes so this is a treat for me! And I am chopping my hair which doesn't happen often either! So I have an exciting month ahead.
     Onto another subject.. this weekend my in laws are going camping at the sand dunes & riding 4 wheelers. I have heard nothing but horror stories about the sand dunes. And Brandon wants to take the girls up there on Saturday until Sunday without me! I am SUCH a worrier I don't think I will be able to handle it, but I don't want to miss out on my Saturday birthday plans either.. Any advice? He promises they wont get on a 4 wheeler & will be in the camp ground with his mom.. but I am so nervous about this! I am even scared about them driving so far without me! Ah! I need to learn to relax but I cannot!

   Any who! To end this post I wanted to include a pic of my little hoodlums holding all 3 of the puppies!   


  1. I know exactly how you feel about worrying. I always worry about other people taking my boys places and driving with them. I trust my husband and know he will be responsible, it's just the fact that I'm not there and can't watch them myself or that I'm worried they'll try and get away with things they know they can't do with me. It's so hard not to worry, if they are going to be in the camp though and away from the 4 wheelers I think they'll be ok. I will still worry, but I'm sure your husband will be great and not let anything happen to them. It's just part of being a mom to worry so much.

  2. Those puppies are soooo cute! What kind are they? I wish I could have one! :( How much are you selling them for?

  3. They are Bostons. And so adorable! I want to keep them all! We usually sell them for quite a bit because of their papers & blood lines. But if we k now the person we will bring it down!

  4. And thank you for your advice Erin! It makes me feel better to know I am not the only one who worries! I am still trying to get up the courage to let them go. It would be nice to have a full 24 hours to myself! But I would be so stressed & I would miss them sooo much!