Monday, March 8, 2010

Zoo, Up & grilled cheese!

I thought I had to work today & was all mentally prepared. So I checked my schedule last night & discovered I didn't have to work! I was so excited. Chet my cousin texted me shortly after that & asked if me & the girls wanted to go with her & her little boy Karsyn to the zoo. Of course we wanted to. I haven't took the girls to the zoo in quite a while. And they did so good. They ate lunch & we saw all the cool animals. We even got to see the penguins, it has been years since I have seen them! Every time I'm there they are never out. We also saw the tigers which I haven't seen for years either! The kids LOVED the giraffes the very most. We spent a long time in there. They also loved the baby elephant Zuri, but Kiyah thought it was going to be an elephant she could hold in her hand so she was slightly disappointed there wasn't a teeny tiny elephant!  After that all the kids rode the carousel & lastly they played on the playground. I always forget that when going to the zoo it is going to be a work out. I pulled that wagon all over the place!
After the zoo we dropped Chet & Karsyn off and headed to the red box! After watching the oscars last night all I wanted to do was watch the movie Up. So we brought it home then me & my girls cuddled up on the couch & watched the entire show! The girls didn't whine or get up & play, this is rare. We all loved it. It was so cute & sweet!  This old man was adorable!

And to top our wonderful day together we ate one our favorite meals- grilled cheese, tomato soup & saltine crackers (crushed into the soup of course!) The only thing that would have made this day better is if Brandon wasn't at work & could have enjoyed it with us!


  1. Hey we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup last night for dinner too! :)

    This made me wanna go to the zoo super bad.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day! I need to get Maddie to the zoo again once it stops raining! :)

    I LOVE tomato soup with crackers (or tomato soup with shell pasta..mmm!)

    That movie is soooo adorable :) It's kind of sad in the beginning, but the rest is really fun and cute! :)