Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well..  I have fallen off the band wagon the last few days. I haven't been watching what I'm eating & I had a little bit of DP.. Also I bought fast food! Ugh! I have had a horrible week between my messy house, down mood & work, so I used all of that as an excuse! Dangit. Well i figured I would "blog" about what I do wrong so maybe, just maybe I will have some more self control! I really need to find out where to buy that.. Or how to get it & keep it! I am SO ready to get healthy but cannot find the energy or time. My Dr said it would take 6 weeks of healthy eating & working out to really feel a difference. The sooner I start the sooner I will feel better. If anyone has any advice I would love it! And sorry that I have been talking alot about this diet thing. I need to start talking more about these wild little 3 year old girls that I love so much! Here is a pic just for fun. Them just being them selves! They dont even have their hair done :)

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